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- Guardianship law, Custodian law -

As far back as we can recall, the issue of inheritance law has forever been subject to special attention. It has always been about money, power, riches, and family history, however sometimes also crime, intrigues, psychological implications, court proceedings, passion, hatred, reconciliation and honour.

In light of the widespread reluctance of most people to pass on their hard earned wealth through the means of a well-considered testament, last will or disposition of property upon death, it is usually more common for wealthier testators to seek a lawyer or notary for a consultation as well as legal or notarised advice.

From experience, it is not necessarily the wish to keep the inheritance "in one place" that drives testators to seek legal advice, rather in order to avoid arguments between children and other relatives.

However, even if a disagreement proves to be inevitable, an inheritance law expert can support you.

In many cases the benefits of guardianship and / or custodianship law are apparent. It can for example be beneficial if the testator is under legal counsel when drafting the will in order to later on prove his or her testamentary competency.

Please rest assured that I am here to support you as quickly and effectively as possible, whether during a consultation, legal representation or other further assistance.

I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Member of the Chamber of Lawyers Berlin
  • Member of the Expert Committee for Inheritance Law of the Chamber of Lawyers Berlin
  • Member of the German Bar Association and the Berlin Bar Association
  • Recommended consultant of the Institute for Inheritance Law e.V.