I have been running my legal practice as a lawyer since 1982 and since 1995 also as a notary.

The company is characterised through my activities in all areas of inheritance law, including advice on legal arrangements for company successions, for example through the creation of a foundation.

My activities as a representative legal guardian, appointed power of attorney, as well as in custodianship law and all highly specialised areas that go with this field, build an important focal point of my work.

As a consultant and legal representative but also in a wide-range of cases, as a court appointed legal guardian, custodian, curator, administrator of the decedent's estate and executor of last will, I have been able to acquire decades of invaluable experience in these specific legal areas. A majority of these appointments and mandates have frequently dealt with real and legal complex circumstances.

In all cases, this has undoubtedly been conducive to developing pronounced mutually trusting relationships, particularly with the relevant Berlin courts, which remains an essential element in the area of guardianship and custodianship activities.

I take a particular personal concern in assisting those with mental illness, in order to effectively support them in a constructive way during critical life circumstances.

Due to the emphasis on these aforementioned priorities, there is a clear connection to cases, in which the legal competencies of those affected is under scrutiny, and for which special solutions are required. For these cases I have comprehensive experience of working with psychiatric-neurological medical professionals as evaluators, with whom I have developed long standing trusting relationships.

For me, all efforts to provide a high quality expert service in all consultations and representative relationships are of utmost important. Due to my deliberate choice to work alone, there is always the guarantee of close personal contact with all my clients.

At the same time I believe it is essential to cooperate accordingly with various expert colleagues. This being said, I enjoy wide-ranging personal and professional connections so that I am able to provide suitable recommendations and therefore consistently fulfil the needs of my clients.

In the context of notarial work I also provide services for all document authentication work for numerous legal transaction and other legal proceedings. Through my specialisation, I automatically cover property law, family and inheritance law, right through to company and company acquisition law. Mostly, I draft my own authentication certificates and place great value in supporting my clients ahead of any procedures.

It is my aim to minimise unnecessary and expensive court procedures through effective, competent legal advice. However, I do not shy away from complex court disputes. These are sometimes inevitable when dealing with inheritance disputes that are linked to incapacity due to psychiatric or psychological illnesses. When executing the necessary measures my decade long experience as a court attorney is of great benefit.